Measuring and Managing Strategic
Business Performance

Understanding how performance measurement and management can affect organizational behavior and drive the enhancement of organizational value creation capacity


The field of performance management has evolved rapidly in the last years with the development of new approaches, techniques and tools to drive managers in managing company's business performance. In particular great attention has been paid on the role of the performance measurement as a discipline which allows managers to understand and manage business performance.
Performance measurement is at the core of any company's ability to create value. World-class organisation nowadays recognise the importance of measures in helping to define the strategic goals and the performance expectations for the organisation as well as to drive management action towards corporate value creation. Thus performance measurement has a priority role in the management agenda.


The main aim of this master is to explore how managers can design and/or review the performance measurement system to manage their organisations. The programme will equip the delegates with practical approaches, techniques and tools to design, implement and use performance measurement systems in order to manage and improve company's business performance.

The fundamental aims of the master class are:

  • Understanding the reasons for implementing performance measurement systems;
  • Understanding the role of performance measurement systems and performance management in organizations for business performance monitor and improvement;
  • Understand how the assessment of performance is related to decision-making around scarce resources allocation, performance improvement and strategic performance management;
  • Identifying what managers should be measuring
  • Understanding the position of accounting techniques to manage performance;
  • Understanding the role of measuring financial and non-financial business performance to support decision-making;
  • Understanding and explaining the evolution of the measures used to evaluate business performance;
  • Understanding how to design metrics and measures to be included into a measurement system for assessing business performance from a financial and non-financial viewpoint; building a balance scorecard;
  • Understanding how performance measurement helps managers to get the strategy implemented; building a strategy performance map;
  • Understanding how to measure and manage business performance adopting a stakeholder centric view; understanding the performance prism;
  • Understanding how performance measures affect organizational behavior;
  • Visualisation and reporting of performance measurements.

Course Duration

We offer a choice between a one day or two-days course. In addition the master class, training course and workshop can be tailored on the basis of the specific organisational and delegates' needs.

Enquiries and booking

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