Knowledge Management for Business Value Creation

Measuring and Managing Knowledge Assets and Intellectual Capital
for Business Performance Improvements

Understanding the invisible roots of organisational success and learn how to translate strategic knowledge-based resources into performance improvements


In today's complex economy and turbulent competitive arena, intangible and knowledge assets represent fundamental sources and resources for business value creation. All organisational processes and abilities are based on knowledge-based domains that define the operational and dynamic capabilities of an organisation. Therefore executives and decision-makers need to understand how to define knowledge-based strategies to enhance organisational value creation capacity and need to make sure that their management systems integrate approaches and tools to manage and measure the intangible and knowledge assets underpinning the organisational success.


The programme will equip the delegates with practical approaches, techniques and tools to design, implement and use knowledge assets and intellectual capital management initiatives for driving organisational excellence through business performance improvements.

The fundamental aims of the master class are:

  • Understanding why intangible and knowledge assets matters in the 21st century business landscape
  • Exploring the knowledge-based view of the organisation: interpreting the knowledge-based resources within organisations
  • Clarifying the links between intangible and knowledge-based resources and organisational value creation
  • Understanding how knowledge-based resources contribute to business performance improvements and the enhancement of organisational value creation capacity
  • Assessing organisational knowledge assets: managerial reasons and practical approaches
  • Aligning knowledge management to strategy: mapping the organisational knowledge-based value drivers
  • Designing and implementing knowledge management initiatives to enhance business performance and organisational value creation capacity
  • Highlighting opportunities and pitfalls of knowledge management and management implications
  • Identifying managerial guidelines to successful convert knowledge-based resources into business performance improvements

Course Duration

We offer a choice between a one day or two-days course. In addition the master class, training course and workshop can be tailored on the basis of the specific organisational and delegates' needs.

Enquiries and booking

To receive the brochure of the master class on "Knowledge Management for Business Value Creation" as well as to receive further information about costs please contact us.