Giovanni is a passionate scholar engaged in conducting internationally recognized high-quality academic research and applied research projects. The main focus of Giovanni’s research is the understanding of the knowledge and intangible assets dynamics underpinning and driving organizational business performance improvement and value creation. The aim is to develop both theory-based and practitioner-applied research to support private and public organizations in their search for excellence.

His focus is on how organizations can become more innovative, creative, imaginative, resilient, flexible and agile in order to achieve excellence and extraordinary performance. With this goal Giovanni has pioneered the development of models, approaches and tools based on the deployment and exploitation of the arts to solve business problems and managerial challenges. The key pillars of Giovanni’s research and consultant expertise are: arts in business; knowledge assets management; and strategic performance management.

Giovanni conducts both independent academic based research and applied action research addressing specific practical issues proposed by private and public organisations interested in investigating and solving challenging issues at the basis of the improvement of their organisational value creation dynamics.



Arts, Construction, Environment, Public Organization, Non-Profit Industry, Furniture, Automotive, Tourism, Service Industry, Clothing, Fashion